A Man’s Guide to Wearing White Pants: General Advice, Outfit Ideas, and Where to Buy

Maybe you just saw Kanye in them. Or you’ve decided to try something new for the summer. White Jeans, Chinos, or shorts can be a wonderful part of an outfit. They can also be a little intimidating at first, but if you avoid some common pitfalls white pants will step up your style.


General Advice

  • Pair white bottoms with a monochrome top. A Navy Blazer or Gray or Beige Sweater. Have white serve as a foundation for the rest of your outfit.
  • Make sure the keep them clean, be careful when sitting on grass, or going to the beach.
  • Wear white pants on hot days. It’s the best color to keep you cool.
  • If going for a skinnier fit, be absolutely sure they aren't not too tight. Unlike black, white pants won’t slim you!
  • White shorts should cut above the knee, the taller you are the closer they should be to your knee.

Where to buy

We’ve put together a list of products from great brands at great price. Most of these have free shipping and free returns so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re interesting in learning more about how to find great deals on Amazon Fashion read our Buying Guide

Best Chinos under $50

Best Chinos under 100

Best Jeans Under $50

Best White Jeans Under $120

Best White Shorts Under $50


1. Are White Jeans in Style?

Absolutely. NYC Spring Fashion Week was full of white pant outfits. So if high fashion thinks it’s in so do we.

2. Can I wear All-White?

Proceed at your own risk. While it has definitely been pulled off, if you’re not a movie star you might risk looking cheesy.

3. Can I wear white pants in the winter?

There’s an old rule goes, only where white between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but honestly no one cares about that anymore. Wear them as you please!

4. What do I wear with white pants?

Below are some casual outfit ideas for white chinos, white jeans, and white shorts.