14 Tips to Safely Buy Men’s Clothing on Amazon


Amazon is a treasure trove of deals and sales. At the same time, there are a countless number of brands on Amazon that are temptingly cheap, but terrible quality. If you’re not careful, you might end up with a sweater from China two sizes too small.

Rest assured, if your properly armed with this list of tips you’ll be able to separate the junk from the jewels.

1. Use the ‘Top Brands’ filter

There are several famous brands that have partnerships with Amazon, and because of amazon’s influence, prices for those products are usually cheaper (if not the same price) as the same products on the brand’s site. Even if the prices are the same, I’d much prefer to buy from Amazon and take advantage of their return policy.

To filter for recognizable Brand names select “Top Brands” when doing a search on Amazon


2. Buy Amazon “Labeled” Products

There a few brands on amazon that are actually produced by Amazon themselves. Some of these brands don’t even include the word ‘Amazon’ so it’s not obvious. If you see any of brands listed below, they’ll tend to be true to size, and have a massive number of positive reviews.

Amazon essentials sells no frills, polos, sweatshirts, button downs and pants. Most of the fits are regular. Their Polo has almost 400 5 star reviews.. If you’re looking for more modern fits I’d recommend GoodThreads.

GoodThreads carries a number of products, including oxfords, button ups, sweatshirts and pants. The fits tend to be much slimmer so this is a good choice for a younger more modern look.

With over 40 colored options and more than 450 5 star reviews Match pants are a wonderful option for slim fitted springtime pants. They are 97% cotton, and customer service is great.

Offers free returns and a huge number of formal dress shirts.

Men’s dress shoes for up to 50% off. While the review here aren't as stellar as amazon’s other products, it might be worth taking advantage of the Free return policy to try a pair

Who doesn’t love a quick cheap suit? Franklin Tailored offers dress wear for cheap.

3. Prime Wardrobe

As of now, Prime Wardrobe hasn’t launched to the public. But what it’s promising sound really exciting. Learn More

Customers will be able to try on Amazon Fashion Items, and send back anything they don’t like FOR FREE. We are desperately awaiting this launch!

4. Make sure all images are of the same product

The scariest thing when shopping on amazon is ordering a product based on the pictures and receiving some thing. It’s rare but i have seen certain listings that use a fashionable editorial image but sell entirely different product!

These brands are usually small sellers that I would avoid. Check this example from a real Amazon listing it's not the same product!


5. Use Fakespot

A wonderful tool you should use when shopping really anything on Amazon. Some products (projectors especially, as I’ve came to learn), have an unsettling number of fake reviews. Fake spot gives each product listing a letter grade after analyzing the content and account of user reviews.

6. Actually Read the reviews

It might seem obvious, but always read the reviews before buying anything. Don’t just skim the average review. Read individual reviews, so you can weed out the ones that don’t apply to you or order a bigger/smaller size.

7. Find the size charts

Many brands include size charts. Sometimes to differentiate between. Asian and American sizes. Do look at this before making a purchase.

8. Don’t be afraid to return

The majority of Amazon brand and Top brand clothing have Free Returns. Take advantage of this!

You can confirm that the product has free returns by looking next to the price


9. The Best Shoes on Amazon For Men

Shoes are my favorite things to buy online. Shoes sizes are pretty much universal, so unlike a pair of jeans there isn’t much risk your shoes won’t fit. Below are a list of popular and respected brands that often sell on Amazon

10. Best Basics on Amazon For Men

Comfort and brand is really the most important thing when it comes to basics. These brands have great reviews and reddit raves about them

11. East Dane

East dane is subsidiary to amazon and a brother site to shopbob, a popular retailer for affordable women's clothing. The selection, quality and style are very well rated

12. When buying Accessories

Looking to buy a Watch? The best watches on Amazon for men have unbeatable prices.

13. Shop xOutfits!

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, xOutfits is a great way to browse for clothing. It’s cheaper Trunk Club.

We also have a rigorous selection criteria for the products we choose to advertise. Only products that meet the quality standard, regardless of the price. We stick with amazon because we know that’s where you’ll find the best collection of looks.

Shop Outfits on Amazon

14. A Complete List of Top Brands on Amazon

Finally, here’s a complete list of all the top brands on amazon. Remember it's worth checking to see if the product you're about to buy is actually cheaper on Amazon first. We’ll add to this list as more brands come up.

Shop these outfits on Amazon!