Oxford Shirt With Jeans

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Oxford Shirt With Jeans

How to wear an Oxford Shirt With Jeans

The Oxford and Oxford are often considered the epitome of good old boy's fashion, which is quite frankly why they wear them. For one thing, a good man should, at some point in his life, wear something nice, regardless of what he's wearing.

For another thing, the Oxford Shirt with jeans has a long and storied history. The first Oxford shirt came from 1696 and was modeled on a style worn in Europe. The first version consisted of a button down collar and was buttoned to the neck for a style called Oxford Clasps. Later, the Oxford Clasps were replaced by a shirt collar, which eventually led to the shirt.

To wear an Oxford shirt with jeans at the same time is a modern tradition, a practice not very old, either. There's no reason you can't wear a pair of Oxfords paired with jeans to your next business meeting. In fact, we'll even consider wearing a pair of Oxfords with jeans to work, as the two are so comfortable together!

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