Chambray Shirt With Khakis

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Chambray Shirt With Khakis

A Chambray shirt can be very versatile—a great choice if you're looking for an all-year-round look that can be tailored for winter, like with an overcoat or wool sweater, or as a casual summer shirt. But if you want something that's more tailored for daily wear in the office, this shirt might be a better choice. Take an approach like this and try something a little different.

Choose a fabric that is easy for you to work with—you want the fabric to have good stretch, and if you can get a pattern of fabric that will stretch out in a variety of directions, then you've found your fabric for a decent t-shirt fabric. A fabric that has a great amount of breathability and breathability-richness to it will be more flexible and will hold up well on the job. In order to get the best out of your t-shirt fabric, you'll also want a shirt that fits well a few inches higher up your body, something that can add a little more stretch. If you have a little problem finding a shirt that you feel is right for you, consider finding a shirt like this that has enough room on the top and back to

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