Polka Dot Dress Shirt with Slacks

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Polka Dot Dress Shirt with Slacks

Once you have a solid collection of solid neutral colored shirts, it might be a good idea to start exploring small print shirts. Small prints can add a touch of character and personalization to your outfit. Polka dot is the most basic of small prints.


A pair of navy, black and charcoal slacks are absolute essentials for a business casual wardrobe. For a slimmer more modern fit, go with Kenneth Cole and for a traditional look, Dockers is a well known brand.


A ties isn't absolutely necessary for a business casual look, but it can be a great way to step up the formality, and add some personalization. This outfit features a paisley patterned tie. It's fine to experiment a little when it comes to patterned and colored ties, but make sure to stick with mostly neutral colors.

  • Wearing a tie is optional for a business casual outfit.
  • If you go to the gym before work, a classic leather duffle bag can be a stylish alternative to an athletic bag.
  • Everyone needs a pair of navy, black and charcoal slacks.
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