Business Casual Blue Button Down with Tan Chinos

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Business Casual Blue Button Down with Tan Chinos

Dress shirts can be owned in any number of colors. Light blue is a color you should invest in early. If you have a medium to dark skin tone light blue will go well. If you skin is pale you make want to purchase a darker color.


Khaki chinos are essential for business casual outfits. The Amazon brand "Match Mens" are highly rated and recommended. Nearly every option is available in this brand.


Clark Desert Boots are stylish and affordable shoes that are a good starting place for business causal outfits. This outfit features a suede version. If you choose to buy suede just know it cannot be worn in the rain.

In addition to the Business Casual Blue Button Down Suit with Tan Chinos and an American Apparel Work Shirt , you'll have a variety of options for wearing the same suit and t-shirt combo with your Business Casual Blue Button Down Suit . Here are a few looks that I've used with good results.

The first and most obvious option is to choose a suit jacket. If you want something more casual and don't mind an offbeat pair of black t-shirts, a dark button down or sportcoat will work really well. While I'm no expert, the business suit is a very versatile and comfortable type of casual suit and looks great with any type of shirt, a dark or light suit.

You can't go wrong with any medium to dark colored suit jacket. I have even worn a black suit with dark gray cargo pants on a rainy night several times. In fact, I've worn white t-shirts on a rainy night and have still been treated to the same brilliant light and beautiful color.

  • Wear lighter colors in the summer time. Blue and Khaki are a classic combination. Suede should never be worn in the rain.
  • If you choose one outfit to wear to work every day this should be it.
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